Herb and Spice Quiz





1. I don't need to follow strict rules about combining certain herbs and spices with certain foods.

2. Herbs and spices enhance the flavor of low-fat foods.

3. If I reduce the amount of salt I use, I won't be getting an important mineral.

4. Dried herbs and spices will keep indefinitely on my kitchen shelves.

5. Herb vinegar is useful for flavoring food.

6. Food without salt is bland and boring.

7. People are born with a taste for salt. It’s natural to want to use it in our food.

8. Most sodium in our diet comes from processed foods.


1. TRUE. The only rule is to trust your taste buds. Go easy at first. Get to know which flavors you like best. And learn which herbs and spices go well together.

2. TRUE. When you reduce the amount of fat in recipes, you will want to add more herbs and spices. They will give your food more flavor.

3. FALSE. Sodium is an important mineral. But most of us eat more salt than we need.

4. FALSE. Herbs and spices do lose their strength over time. For the best flavor, don’t keep dried herbs and spices for more than a year.

5. TRUE. Herb vinegar can add flavor to many dishes. You can buy ready-made herb vinegars. Or you can make your own.

6. FALSE. When you cut back on salt, you rediscover the natural flavor of the foods you eat.

7. FALSE. Salt is an acquired taste. Just as we learn the taste for salt, we can unlearn it.

8. TRUE. Much of the sodium we eat comes from processed foods. But many reduced-sodium foods are now available.

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